Ombre - AI Fashion Size Recommendation API 

Need an A.I to recommend garment sizes for your customers? Fret not. Our A.I. will do just that. Based on your customers’ body traits such as their height and weight, our A.I. will predict what size of clothing would be suitable for your customer. It acts as a personalized digital stylist for shoppers to be guided throughout their online shopping journey.

Fit Recommendation - Mock Up.png

 Our A.I. is built based on real-world data and it improves continuously! Our aim is to reduce the return orders due to wrong size selection while enhancing the customer’s experience at the same time.

With the use of our A.I., you don’t even need to put up confusing and inconsistent charts for your customers! They only have to key in their physical traits and they will be able to access fashion styling suggestions, advice as well as sizing recommendations on their favourite e-commerce stores. 


We provide our A.I. service as an API and what’s even more awesome, we provide free plans for you to test out the service! What are you waiting for? Integrate our A.I. on your site and be at peace. No more looking at confusing and inconsistent charts to figure out your garment’s size! In fact, we figure it out for you!