Ombre is a fashion styling software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Our software generates style ratings, recommends completing outfits as well as suggest sizes based on your body physique.


How does it work?

Upon launching our software on either the e-commerce widget or the mobile app, users will have to create a profile of how they look. This means that they will have to key in their physical traits, including height, weight, body shape and skin tone. before they’ll be able to access fashion styling suggestions and advice. While users on the mobile app would particularly gain access to a personal catalogue of our partner retailers products, users on the e-commerce widget would get style ratings, advice and suggestions to complete their outfit with every product they browse on our partner retailers.

How does Ombre for Shopify work?

Ombre is currently available on Shopify in the form of a plugin for fashion e-commerce. The plugin, where retailers can just install off the Shopify App Store, acts as virtual fashion stylist, giving out styling recommendations, telling shoppers which size would fit them best and completing whole looks for them from head to toe! For every product browsed on our partner retailers’ stores, Ombre will be able to generate style scores, styling tips and breakdown of how each clothing item will suit (or not suit) shoppers, as well as share how well these items complement existing clothes in shoppers’ wardrobes.

What’s in it for fashion retailers?

Not only is Ombre a major plus point for shoppers, but our AI styling software is also designed with the retailers in mind. Ombre personalises the customer experience of fashion retailers by styling their customers with the right clothes and outfits for them with goals to optimise checkout conversion, increase basket sizes and strengthen brand loyalty. We encourage up-sells and cross-sells through our For You pages and Matching Item recommendations.


Our AI learns by crawling the web for data related to fashion styling based on the latest trends, as well as the customer’s body shape, weight, height, skin tone and personal style.

How do I set up my Ombre for Shopify plugin?

Launching our virtual stylist on your store will only take minutes!

Upon installing Ombre from the Shopify App Store, there is a brief, 2-step guide you have to follow before you can get started:

  1. Under Accounts, you will first have to activate your subscription - don't worry, all our Shopify retailers are entitled to a 90-day free trial, so we will not be charging anything for the first 90 days.

  2. Simply tag your clothing collections to our internal assortments:

    • Women's Topwear

    • Women's Bottomwear

    • Women's Footwear

    • Women's One-Piece (Dresses, Jumpsuits etc)

    • Men’s Topwear

    • Men’s Bottomwear

    • Men’s Footwear

    • Men’s One-Piece (Rompers etc)

How much does Ombre for Shopify cost?

We currently run 2 subscription models. The first plan offers a fixed subscription of $50 monthly, whereas the latter is a commission-based subscription, which we call a Pay-As-You-Sell (PAYS) plan. The PAYS plan charges retailers a 12% cut off total orders of every successful purchase made with the help of our virtual stylist.

I’m not on Shopify, can I still use Ombre?

We are always excited to receive requests and demands for our AI styling software, especially since we have a number of things brewing to expand our reach to fashion retailers within Shopify and beyond! As a lean start-up though, we are more critical about our resources and have to prioritise certain platforms, development work…. (you get the gist) over others. If you would like to have a chat to see if and how we can cater to your e-commerce, leave us a message on the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to back you ASAP!