A stylist in your pocket

The future of fashion styling isn’t coming, it's already here. Discover a new way to explore styles and shop for clothes with Ombré, the world's first personal stylist app.

Your Style

Ombré is all about you. Your skin color, your body shape, your height, your style. Enter your body traits a shop clothes from all your favorite online clothing stores. Explore a world of fashion where everything is suitable to your physique. Discover styles depending on your mood. Find ways to match new clothes with items you already have in your wardrobe.

Look better, shop better

As the first of its kind, we are using artificial intelligence to help you make sure you always buy clothes that enhances your features, and makes you look your best. We want you to stop wasting time you don’t have, buying clothes you don’t fit. Buy clothes in a smarter way with Ombré, and get ready to dress like yourself.

For every occasion


Browse through thousands of items from countless online shops, where every item is customized to your physique.


Find new ways to match existing items from your wardrobe with new products and styles.

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